Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Thanks for the Welcome!

Hi All - just to say thank you for inviting me to join. However - it has taken me about a week to get to grips with trying to post anything on this blog - but finally managed it!
Just before I go off to school - thankfully only part time now - I thought I'd try to post something. I have recently put some stuff on etsy to sell - but I cannot say that I am an avid seller. I did well in the beginning, and I still think its a great venue - but I also realise that u have to spend ages promoting ur stuff - and I don't have the time, expertise or inclination at the moment!
I did attend a sale at Manchester last year which was informative and fairly lucrative, but it made me realise that I am making the wrong sort of stuff.
For the majority of sale goers - small, cheap and funky seems to be the way to go - and corsets are not any of those things!! So i am about to try to sell off my stuff cheaply and start from scratch.
Watch this space!
When I next sit down I will try to look through every contributors stuff - interesting exercise to see if my theory is right.
I am looking forward to doing more stuff - when I get the time to myself to get things on the correct track for selling. I expect u all have realised far sooner than myself that making to sell is a lot different from making things that u like ur self and do for the enjoyment factor - or are u all very successful - in which case I take it all back!


  1. Wow, your stuff is absolutely gorgeous!
    I wish I wasn't so poor :(

  2. Your corsets are fantastic, why don't you do an ebook on corset making, I've spent ages looking for a book to teach myself how to make corsets, one that I can afford that is!