Saturday, 19 February 2011

Adventures In Mixed Media

Dear friends,
                 Sorry I have been MIA for weeks. Too busy to blog! Shocking ,really!!!
 I have been working on some new designs for my spring collection and Cloth Paper Scissors have invited me to contribute to their autumn 2011 supplement. This is new ground as I have not designed exclusively for a magazine before. It has thrown up many challenges. As I am still relatively new to mixed-media,combining my painting,crafting and jewellery into one element  can be daunting. I am trying to produce something original that will work where I have not been given any brief to work to.
 On the subject of Pay It Forward 2011, I have recieved a beautiful necklace from Floridity as my gift and I will be sending out my gifts at the end of the month. I have six people to send to,not the five as planned. Three are in the US,one in Belfast,one in Scotland and one lady from Wales. Truly international!
  My studio is due a bit of a revamp so I will be working on that as well. Will post pictures when I actually get it looking tidy as I cannot seem to find anything in amongst the mess!
  I will also be antiqueing a new consignment of brass wire next week. I  will be offering 20g(0.8) and heavier guages of wire as well. I will list these mainly on Folksy as difficult to source good quality and good value wire in the UK. Folksy works in Sterling and postage is currently free.
  I will blog again in a few days and hope to spend some time updating my Flickr slideshow this week as well.Love and light to all,Anne.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Etsy Team Cymru Banner

Hello to all Etsy Team Cymru. I hope you don't mind that I have uploaded a banner. Its from one of my photos of Pembroke Castle and I thought it would be nice to have the Welsh Flag on the banner. The photo above is just a random picture at Cardiff Central, because I don't like blog posts without an image.

I did put an introduction on here about myself but something funny is going on with posts etc. Anyways, I am originally from Ireland but live in Wales. It would be nice to get this blog going again because it seems very quiet at the moment.

One of my suggestions was that each Team Cymru member have turns about being promoted by the other members, e.g. Blogging about them, Twitter, treasuries etc. I took part in something similar for UK Etsy and it worked quite well. So if anyone is around and has any other ideas about kick starting things and promoting not just individuals but Team Cymru also, please post.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Improving online sales

I don,t know how well you all get on with selling on Etsy.I have had mixed experiences.How do you improve sales?Is there a magic formula?I work hard on my shops.I am striving to improve my shop and therefore increase sales.I am in the process of trying Paper-N-Scissors as a means of promoting my Etsy shopI will let everyone know if I am successful as I need to be approved first.Abit nailbiting at the moment,all this waiting!Can our followers let me know how they promote their shops and what tips and tricks they might like to share.I am sure we all need some encouragement and help from time to time.Cheers,Anne

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Hello everyone! Rhiannon/Rocky The Zombie here :)

My etsy shop is to peek!

I'm the designer and creator of all the products you see in the 'Cute, Punk rock, Zombie shop'... I love zombies, and all things cute. Put them together and you get a little something like this!:

Hope to get to know you all very soon!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hi,I,m Anne,I am a new Etsian as well.It is very difficult to access customers on etsy when new.Iam using the show cases when I can.However the first time I didnt sell a thing.Ihave spoken to Etsians from other countries and the market is very slow with the recession,at the moment.Lets hpoe things pick up before Christmas! I am trying to improve my marketing strategy to improve sales.I have also been approached by a new online gallery who wish to sell some of my work.I am also working on setting up my own website, This is in the very early stages and probably will take me and my web designer months to get it right.We have to do a lot of networking to get customers into our online shops.P.S.this is my first ever blog so accept my apologies for the geekiness!!!all the best,Anne at silverpuss.