Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hey folks :)

My name is Freya (aka Arianwen) and while I'm new to Etsy, I'm really not new to crafting! Ever since I was little, my Mum encouraged me to craft, paint and draw, and it's something that has definately stuck with me (I'm 22 next month!). I love to make jewellery and work with textiles - when I sat my art A-Level most of my finished pieces were fabric items, be it clothing or soft sculpture. In the real world I'm an Egyptology and Ancient History student at Swansea Uni, and my crafting is done in my free time (when I'm not working at Lush part-time that is!).

So far I have listed jewellery and nipple pasties, but am planning on adding handknits, decorated tees/tops/totes, crocheted bits and artworks :)

You can see my stuffs at Arianwen's Place on Etsy and Folksy, and follow me on my Blog and Twitter.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this blogging game, but received an invite from Sara so here I am.
Just a few words about me, I live in Laugharne and make made to measure wedding and prom dresses.
I'll be posting once I get the hang of it!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Quick Hello

Hello, my name is Cath and I am the owner of the Etsy Store Knitterscarlet which can be found at and also the blog

I am 34 years old and have been married for 12 years (seems longer lol). Have been trying for a baby since 1997 (usual story, forgot my contraception when we went on honeymoon so decided to start trying for baby). I have had 10 miscarriages in total and have gone through two cycles of IVF with ICSI. Am now waiting to complete further testing before trying our third and final cycle.

I have been knitting since I can remember and back in 1997 had my own webpage through the UK-Buddies Infertility Support Group and had orders for knitted items from as far away as Hong Kong, Belgium, etc etc.

After a while the orders began to dry up so I decided to purchase a knitting machine to make the lace baby shawls knit up a bit quicker and took on work through various knitting designers. I did this up until a couple of years ago when I decided I was fed up of getting paid peanuts to knit the garments and then them selling them for over £200 so decided to set up my own Etsy store.

I don't just knit, I also make delicate beaded jewellery and have now taken up hand-spinning and have a Kromski Symphony Spinning Wheel.

My dream is to purchase fleeces from farmers, hand wash and hand sort them, then hand-dye them in gorgeous colours and finally spin and knit them up into yummy garments. This is going to be really fun and exciting to do and now just need to find the time to practice my spinning as it is very "designer" at the moment (posh name for thick and thin yarn lol).

I haven't had many sale in my Etsy store and am at present working on an order for a lady in Israel who has purchased a cardigan from me through Etsy and now wants more.

It is really interesting reading about everyone's work and looking through your Etsy stores.

I will be going upto Cockermouth to Woolfest at the end of the month, is anyone else going???

That is about all for now, don't want to bore you too much.


aka Knitterscarlet


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Thanks for the Welcome!

Hi All - just to say thank you for inviting me to join. However - it has taken me about a week to get to grips with trying to post anything on this blog - but finally managed it!
Just before I go off to school - thankfully only part time now - I thought I'd try to post something. I have recently put some stuff on etsy to sell - but I cannot say that I am an avid seller. I did well in the beginning, and I still think its a great venue - but I also realise that u have to spend ages promoting ur stuff - and I don't have the time, expertise or inclination at the moment!
I did attend a sale at Manchester last year which was informative and fairly lucrative, but it made me realise that I am making the wrong sort of stuff.
For the majority of sale goers - small, cheap and funky seems to be the way to go - and corsets are not any of those things!! So i am about to try to sell off my stuff cheaply and start from scratch.
Watch this space!
When I next sit down I will try to look through every contributors stuff - interesting exercise to see if my theory is right.
I am looking forward to doing more stuff - when I get the time to myself to get things on the correct track for selling. I expect u all have realised far sooner than myself that making to sell is a lot different from making things that u like ur self and do for the enjoyment factor - or are u all very successful - in which case I take it all back!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Glad to hear you had a great trip pinkie...welcome back ♥♥

I've just set up a facebook fanpage..have heard lots of great stories about it bringing people from outside of Etsy in to have a look! Fingers crossed!!!!!! Anyone else have a page I'd love to 'fan' you.

Annnnnnddddddd........I'm in another treasury today...Yipeeeee!!! Sorry guys get excited over little things these days! ♥♥♥

Friday, 5 June 2009

Mail Chimp Marketing for Etsians

Hi!  PinkieKinch here.  

I've been away for a few days in the Cotswolds and West Sussex seeing friends and family.  We had a really lovely time and our little dog Jacob was very patient, even in the HOT weather.  We got back yesterday afternoon and he took to our bed from then on.  I think he was a little shaken with all the motor way traveling in our little red postman pat van ( Vauxhall Agilia).   Anyway, i've just been having a little tinker and on the tinternet and found a very interesting article from MailChimp regarding linking up your Etsy account to a Mail List through Mail Chimp.    It sounds excellent.  Have a go and let us know how you get on.

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Hello everyone..I'ts HollieLollie

I am a mother of a gorgeous little girl and boy living in Bridgend. I am a trained teacher and have taught in primary schools for many years...recently 'retiring' ; ) to spend more quality time with Sam and Hollie(Lollie).

I have always loved anything to do with art, design and craft but with the arrival of my two little monkeys have had very little spare time to divulge in anything creative.

.....but the time has come for my youngest to start school part time and although the house is far toooooooo quiet and I feel as if I have a missing limb!!!! I have suddenly found time and rediscovered how much I love and enjoy designing and creating.

I have thoroughly enjoyed setti
ng up my shop HollieLollie in Etsy and am thrilled to have been included in a treasury...fingers crossed for a front page one day! ; )

I am soooooooo excited to be a part of team Wales and am looking forward to getting to know everyone
Clare ♥ x ♥ x ♥

Monday, 1 June 2009


Take a look at Craftopolis for tools that will help you see whether you're featured in an Etsy Treasury, and a clock for measuring when the Treasuries are likely to open up. Good luck!