Monday, 9 November 2009

what works for you?

Hi again-

As a new Etsian I was hoping to hear how other members of Team Cymru draw potential customers to their shop. I have used the showcase tool once before and it directed lots of people to my shop for that day but the flow soon tailed off. Do you guys use the showcase on a regular basis or use personal blogs etc to direct people to your shops?
Any thoughts welcome!


  1. I used the showcase a *lot* when I first used Etsy, but I didn't find that it was very good value for money and didn't result in many sales.

    You just have to promote, promote, promote, and keep slogging at it. I use Flickr, moo cards, my blog, and participation in the Etsy forums. Most of my sales happen offline (to a local shop, for example), but at the same time, I don't expect many people to buy single cards online...

  2. We had an early idea to do some promotion for Team Cymru (moo cards or little flyers) - I should resurrect that one!

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