Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hi,I,m Anne,I am a new Etsian as well.It is very difficult to access customers on etsy when new.Iam using the show cases when I can.However the first time I didnt sell a thing.Ihave spoken to Etsians from other countries and the market is very slow with the recession,at the moment.Lets hpoe things pick up before Christmas! I am trying to improve my marketing strategy to improve sales.I have also been approached by a new online gallery who wish to sell some of my work.I am also working on setting up my own website, This is in the very early stages and probably will take me and my web designer months to get it right.We have to do a lot of networking to get customers into our online shops.P.S.this is my first ever blog so accept my apologies for the geekiness!!!all the best,Anne at silverpuss.

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