Thursday, 5 November 2009

hello there!

Hi there-

I just thought I'd write and introduce myself. I am 29 and live in Cardiff. I have always been involved in art. Its mainly been from a personal satisfaction stance but I have recently joined etsy in a bid to share some of my art with the world!

I have dabbled in various media starting from pencil and pen and ink to painting and japanese sumi-e ink painting. My recent activity has been scherenschitte or papercutting. This is what I sell in my etsy shop. I love the simplicity of this media and the challege of creating atmosphere and depth with such a restrictive practise.

I also do a little sewing, knitting etc and have recently made my first quilt which was super hard but very satisfying in the end!

I'm excited to be part of a welsh etsy community as most of my friends don't craft/create at all and I'd love to have any thoughts and feedback on my work, I am always looking to improve!
I have added some of my stuff to the flickr group and my etsy shop is

Looking forward to meeting more of you on this blog.



  1. Your work is *amazing*! I really like the 4 birds, but I've fallen in love with everything in your shop :)

  2. Thanks so much for the great comments! it means a lot.
    I really like the 4 birds as its merging a new technique that i love with an old kenyan style that i grew up with..
    Really impressed with your guys' stuff too..
    its great that there is such a varied community of Welsh artists.