Sunday, 4 July 2010

Improving online sales

I don,t know how well you all get on with selling on Etsy.I have had mixed experiences.How do you improve sales?Is there a magic formula?I work hard on my shops.I am striving to improve my shop and therefore increase sales.I am in the process of trying Paper-N-Scissors as a means of promoting my Etsy shopI will let everyone know if I am successful as I need to be approved first.Abit nailbiting at the moment,all this waiting!Can our followers let me know how they promote their shops and what tips and tricks they might like to share.I am sure we all need some encouragement and help from time to time.Cheers,Anne


  1. Hello Anne and welcome to Etsy Cymru. There is something funny going on with blogger at the moment, I am having problems with posting comments and I am sure there were more posts on Etsy Cymru, mine seems to have disappeared.

    Anyways, I don't think there is any secret formula with Etsy. Not sure what's going on at the moment but its extremely quiet for me. Low views, not many Hearts.

    I believe making and getting yourself in Treasuries does help and I have heard others mention blog giveaways. Twitter can be good too, but avoid constantly tweeting about 'currently for sale in my shop'.

    There are also Flickr Etsy groups. Some people use Facebook, but I can't stand it so avoid it like the plague!

    There is a lot of help on Etsy itself and people are always helpful in the forums. If you haven't heard it already on the Forums you soon will, but there are a lot who say Etsy is over saturated with Jewellery so its a lot tougher gig than selling other things and you really need to have an outstanding shop with first class photography etc.

    All I can say is the best of luck and don't give up!

  2. Hi, with Etsy post little and often.
    It does take a while, I've had my first query after a month!
    On facebook I've had quite a few sales, also via the blog too, and my website. All link to my flickr and Etsy sites. I've just opened a "page" on facebook specifically for my work and this is open to all viewers, unlike my personal profile.
    Every little helps, as the saying goes