Saturday, 31 October 2009

pippibean ~ introducing myself!

I still haven't gotten around to introducing myself, so here goes...

Hi! Well, pippibean is my constantly developing hobby! I joined etsy maybe a year ago, and what I make reflects what interests I have at the time ^-^. I’ll try my hand at making anything, from tote bags to tiaras. I only have time to add a tiny collection of things to my etsy shop, though - the majority of my items are sold in a local gift shop!

I'm obviously really interested in Kawaii designs & love the quirkiness of it, but all sorts of other styles influence me too. I love discovering new things, and learning new techniques!

A few things I love are - bright colours, cuteness, gingham & floral print fabrics, japanse design, music, smiling, bracelets, buttons, the thrill of somebody buying something you've made, turning old things into new things, learning new things, 'Sugar' brand boots, wrapping presents, Cadbury Flakes, pasta, and other tasty foods, TKMAXX, independent gift shops, languages, doodling, and books.

My blog:

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Great job with the blog everybody!

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  1. Hello Pippi,

    Welcome to the group! I love your shop (we share a passion for all things kawaii), and I think this is adorable: